• My name is Shawny and I am the woman behind Potami the label.

    I started leather work about 8 years ago when I was on a three month remote camping trip in Australia and fell completely in love with the craft.

    I grew up riding horses and felt very drawn to the nostalgic smell and feeling that being around leather brought.

    At the time, I had also been living completely off grid and was (and still am) fascinated with ancient traditions. I spent many a month practicing my skills, even skinning and tanning my own hides.


    I am mostly self taught and have adapted and invented my own methods which I think, gives my work an extremely unique edge. 

  • I am now a mother to a beautiful little boy who has changed my world and perspective. 

    When he was born, I realised how important it was to me to be able to stay home and raise him myself while still having a sense of independence and a way to indulge in my creativity - hence the brand was born.

    Everything you see has been completely hand made, slowly, by me at home - in between chasing after my vivacious child.

    My work is a true labour of love and it brings me so much joy to share it with you all.