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Mélissa has been completely handcrafted using natural Amazonite beads & fresh water pearls on very strong tiger tail wire and completed with 18K Gold Plated clasps. 

Designed to be worn as a choker style necklace and is 38cm in length, this divine beauty is the perfect adornment for either every day wear, or special occasions. 

Amazonite has been used to dispel negative energy and aggravation and can help soothe emotional trauma and fear. Pearls are of course not only exquisite, but calming by nature.

Please note that that each piece will vary slightly in colour and shape due to each unique bead and pearl.

Shipping & Returns

Refunds policy 

Items that have been broken damaged or lost in the mail will not be refunded (there is an option for shipping insurance which is your responsibility to choose if you wish to avoid this)

If a product arrives faulty and you alert me straight away and it is posted back within three business days then a full refund or exchange will be given 

Please choose carefully, refunds and exchanges will not be given for change of mind


Please check the size guide carefully before ordering to make sure you do order the right size. If you do happen to order the wrong size, exchanges are fine at your own postage expense and there could be a wait time on making your new size


Please measure either an existing belt you have from the buckle to the hole you normally wear it or alternatively, measure around your waist or hips (whenever you plan to wear it) exactly and decide on which size will be perfect for you below.

XS-S AUS size 6-8 

Holes are placed from about 55cm to 70cm

S-M Aus size 8-12

Holes are placed from about 70cm to 85cm

M-L Aus size 12-14

Holes are placed from about 75cm to 95 cm

L-XL Aus size 14-16

Holes are placed from about 90cm to 110cm

Care Instructions

Leather is a natural and porous material which means just like your skin, it can soak in anything it comes into contact with. It is one of its beauties (It will soften to the shape of your body) But it also means you need to be mindful in taking care of it.

Leather can last a very long time if taken care of - to help keep your belt in beautiful condition & prolong its life, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to care for your new belt 

Avoid water as much as possible - if it does get a little wet, wipe it off with a clean rag or blot it (especially be careful if you are wearing the belt and it gets wet as the inside of the leather has also been dyed and can stain if it becomes wet) 

Avoid exposing your belts to humidity and direct sources of heat 

Prevent any contact with greasy substances such as make-up and alcohol such as perfume.

Give it a condition from time to time or keep an eye out for our program coming soon where you can return your belt for a good clean, a dye if it needs it and a deep conditioning!


I hope you adore your new necklace, it has been designed to be a timeless heirloom piece for you to cherish and pass down through the ages. To help ensure its long life, I have written up a little care guide for you below.

As pearls are such delicate little beauties, they should be treated as such and taken care of properly. 

They are naturally made out of calcium and are one of the softest gems in the world so it is of the utmost importance to keep your heirloom pieces safe and sound.

Pearls will soak up oils from your skin and moisture from the air which they love - just be mindful about any lotions on your neck as they will pick that up as well.

Make sure you take your necklace off at the end of the day and give the beads and pearls a little wipe with a cloth to remove any sweat, perfume, cream etc they have picked up.

It is best not to wear your pearls in the shower or while swimming as any chemicals or soaps can shorten their life span.

Same goes for exercising, if you are going to get super sweaty, take your necklace off.

Store them at night in the pouch provided or in a safe space.


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